» MetaTerm

…is a experimental vim-like mode based user interface for running multiple terminal applications at the same time.

MetaTerm is implemented in QML and uses QMLTermWidget as its embedded terminal emulator.

Its source code is available on both Github and cgit.


MetaTerm starts in insert mode which means that one can simply start typing a command and trigger its execution by pressing enter.

The list of running and killed terminal instances is navigable using vim-like keybindings, i.e. using j and k. Additionally one can jump to the top using g and to the bottom using G. Navigation is also accessible in command mode via :next, :prev and :jump <INDEX>.

Insert mode may be entered manually using i and exited using Shift+ESC. The currently selected terminal instance is killable via d. Command mode is entered whenever one presses : in normal mode.

A list of all running processes and their respective index is exposed via :ls.

Settings may be explored and changed using :set in command mode, e.g. the window background is changeable via :set window background <COLOR>.

Furthermore MetaTerm’s command mode exposes a JavaScript prompt through :exec <COMMAND>.


MetaTerm in action