» BuildXSLT

…is a simple XSLT build system for InputXSLT based applications.

It aims to provide a foundation for building more complex applications such as a fully fledged static site generator by enabling users to define XML Makefiles instead of manually calling single InputXSLT transformations.

The source code of BuildXSLT is available on both my Github profile and cgit.

Current features

Usage example

While BuildXSLT offers enough flexibility for all kinds of different XSLT based generation tasks it was specifically built to cater for the requirements of the static site generator this site is built with. As such its module definition file and the XML Makefile used to call it makes for the best demonstration of what one can do with BuildXSLT:

<transformation mode="chain">
<task type="module">
    <input mode="embedded">
    <definition mode="file">[StaticXSLT.xml]</definition>